Glitter Nail Salon

Glitter Nail Academy

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nails at Glitter Nail Academy with OPI!  Our history started in 2012. 

Our founders, Antonio and Curtisa Durham also owners of Glitter Nail Salon INC, trained countless nail technicians across the state of Illinois and beyond.  These nail technicians all had something in common, they lacked proper training in the foundation of manicuring/ pedicuring service. 

Our founders Antonio and Curtisa spent hours and weeks preparing these nail techs for the salon experience.  This turned into a mission to get nail techs the advanced training they did not receive when they paid thousands of dollars to schools to teach them with Glitter Nail Salon Nail Workshops.  

In 2019, Glitter Nail Academy with OPI was established.  Glitter Nail Academy is committed to providing nail technicians with a quality educational experience.   We are dedicated to keeping ahead of the industry trends with educators that are still in the field.  We desire to create a strong foundation so those nail technicians are equipped to start their careers without any self-doubt,  ready and working fearlessly. 

Our ultimate goal along with OPI is to imprint the beauty industry with beauty professionals that are not only knowledgeable but can execute precise practical skills.  We aim to breed excellence and set an unmatched bar that most can only aspire to be.  

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